Friday, August 22, 2014


Meet Sierra, like the mountains in California, only she is full of gold. When she walks in the studio you feel a bright sense of hope, caring and longing for more. She is totally a uniquely normal girl that like most totally uniquely normal girls loves horses.  She thinks most people like being normal because it means they fit in, for her standing out may be more in line with normal. Here are some thoughts from both of us about why she is a NORMAL person.

Her: Horse people are normal people and she loves horses therefore is normal.

Me: There is some bundled up sassy in all that innocent pretty smile.

Her: She loves being in the outdoors hunting elk and enjoying nature.

Me: She hopes for success in the future despite its great unknowns.

Her: She is normal because her greatest joy comes from helping others and the feelings that brings.

In the end Sierra showed me that being normal is being unique and smiling when the world may frown at you. Normal is getting out and doing things you love with people who understand your passions. That perhaps being normal has nothing to do with fitting in but rather standing out, with a rose tattoo and a melt your heart smile while serving others.

After all NORMAL people are full of dreams....

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