Friday, February 28, 2014

Turn Off

     It's been a super busy couple of weeks around here.  Just around the corner are several spring weddings so bridals and engagements have been filling my photography time. With the snow disappearing it also means its spring clean up, its amazing the strange items that can accumulate under the snow and inside the house during winter, this cleaning has been filling up my spare time. We have several horses for sale on the ranch with show and breeding season just around the corner, filling up my ranch time. It is all manageable though thanks to modern technology and smart phones.  Then I read an article about our phones....Dangerous I know; in a study it said that people now touch their smart phones on average of 300 times a day checking text messages, voice calls, Facebook, twitter, news, etc...  Ya right I thought, so I did an experiment yesterday and lost count of the times I touched my phone around 2:00 but it was already at an embarrassing number.  This experiment reminded me of a fast get away from technology and crazy scheduling I took with my son to Zion National Park last spring.  After hiking all day in the rain the storm broke and the images where amazing. I went back through the images and found a couple I had not taken the time to finish the post processing on and wanted to share them on this great rainy Friday with you.  I hope they are a reminder to you, as they are to me, that sometimes we just need to break up the stormy times in our lives, turn off the world and take in something beautiful.  So this weekend do something crazy like leave your phone at home grab your kid, spouse or friend and take a picture:-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today was a perfect day to sit on the back porch in the afternoon sun and let it melt away the last few bits of frost stuck in my bones and think.  Sitting in the sun and thinking is a dangerous thing when you own a working horse ranch, photography studio, are raising a young family while being deeply religious and politically active all in an election year, that just happens to be the Chinese year of the horse. Hello I need to raise the next world champion, grace the cover of "Bride" magazine and National Geographic, while bringing the world peace after getting elected as President. Fortunately at this moment of great thinking overload, in to much sun, my faithful Golden Retriever brought me a sock that had been buried under the snow for the last four months. As I thanked her for the gift I remembered what makes a great picture is usually a simple image free of distraction that allows you to focus on the subject. It is after all by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass.  So now we will master small things to get the hard big things accomplished.