Monday, November 9, 2015

Basically Bob

So Bob is your normal 65-year-old California native who immigrated to Utah by way of Texas. He always wanted to be a cowboy so he went to business school at BYU and became a very successful Pharmaceutical manager.  Apparently the distance from the top of a horse to the ground was not all that appealing in real life.  He doesn’t feel old except when he has a hard time getting out of the rollercoaster seat at the new Harry Potter gig in Florida.   So all in all Bob is a normal guy and not just because he is a retired baby boomer from California.  He is normal cause he can relax, unless you ask him if he is normal, in which case he tenses up and rapidly reminds you he is not normal.

When he relaxes and thinks about it Bob figures he is normal because just like Donald Trump, he puts his pants on one leg at a time.  Even though his pants did not cost 10 billion dollars.   He is not a respecter of persons but stupid people really drive him nuts. After all he feels that normal people think before they act, unless they are being spontaneous. Most of all his judging of people is something he hates about himself but does anyway when people forget to use logic.

Part of what makes Bob normal is he tries to find balance in his life between his career, (being retired) his family, (his greatest success in life) his religion, (devout Mormon) personal time, and friends.  Not to mention that he has a body temperature of 98.6 degrees and a dog, essential requirements for normalcy.

For Bob normal people are comfortable with themselves, except for the parts they don’t like.  They known both success and failure: he found his success in work, along with his 4 perfect daughters and wife. While failures include a not so good relationship with his dad and having his piano instructor run off because he was that terrible…

Bob believes there are a lot of normal people left in the world. This hope will not be confirmed according to him until the 2016 election is over. So like most normal people he knows his Presidential candidate (it’s not Trump) is the correct one to save society. 

In the end I know Bob is normal cause he loves his family a lot, you can see that in his eyes when he talks about them. He is a loyal friend; tender hearted, and cares about people.  He, like most normal people, loves himself unless he is mad at himself. Plus his life is balanced, unless he is a little wobbly. 

Thanks Bob for the smiles and thoughts!

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  1. What a nice tribute to my Dad. The pictures are amazing Nathan!