Thursday, August 21, 2014


Meet Juls a.k.a Julie. She is my first official normal person to participate in the normal person project.   Based on this shoot this is going to be an amazing adventure and I am so excited for the things we are going to learn. Now here are some things according to me and her that make Julie a NORMAL PERSON.

Her: She freezes and gets nervous when having her picture taken.

Me: She is strong yet soft like beautiful women everywhere.

Her: Having her hair pulled back is a way of life to gain 15 minutes extra time in a busy life. Which leaves more time for visiting with friends and loved ones and keeping up on social media.

Me: Her eyes are the light of her body and like all eye's they shine with the love she has to offer, which equates to a few million tons in this case.

Her: Night sweats and hot flashes are now part of life. But what really makes her normal is she is accepted and loved by her group of peers.

Thank you Julie for an amazing 15 minutes of your time!! For the rest of you please be sure to like and share the post right after you schedule your time to be part of the project. 

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